Due to internet connectivity problem, I was unable to log in and post anyting from yesterday night. Even USB device data card was too slow and I faced problem. Inconvenience, if any, is deeply regretted.
Today Market has opened at 5387 (spot) and future opened at 5409.25. Future made a high at 5412 and trading now @ 5396.
For the last few session, it has been noticed that nifty future is facing a lot of selling pressure around 5411-5417 level. In future also, it will face as a strong resistance. Probably, one fine morning, if nifty future opened a gap up and above 5417 and trade with volume, we will overcome the resistance.
I am not sure, how long I will be here. But in case, if any trade done, I'll post here.
I believe the net problem will resolve today evening itself.
NOTE: One may short nifty future around 5411-5415 level with strict stoploss of 5421.
OR one may buy 5400PE around 5415 level (future). SL will be as per his risk taking ability.

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